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We offer tumbling, cheer, stunt, dance, and fitness classes, and we welcome All Age & Skill Levels! Interested children may have a free trial/evaluation class in order to be evaluated for placement into one of the Integrity Elite's Cheer or Tumble classes. Once evaluated, the instructor will indicate to the student and the front desk to what class the individual will best be suited for placement and skill progression.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are offered to athletes of all ages, and offers the athletes the best in one-on-one training, personalized instruction, and immediate correction. Private lessons can be for tumbling, stunts, cheer and/or dance.

All classes include warm-up, stretching, drills for skills, and tumbling. Classes meets once per week for one hour.


Prerequisites None, ages 2-4

These classes are designed to cover the basic concepts involved in a healthy lifestyle. Kids enrolled in these classes learn their bodies basic range of motion, exercise safety, social skills, and listening skills. Classes will be age appropriate, energetic, and interactive to keep the children engaged and involved.


Prerequisites None

This class offers basic skills needed to complete a cartwheel and round-off. Drills to be included for back handsprings such as handstands, handstand snap downs, and rebounds.


Prerequisites Master skills from Beginning Tumbling

This class covers basic skills needed to accomplish back handspring and the round off back handspring, as well as, progression training skills and techniques.

Tumble I

Prerequisites Master skills from Intermediate Tumbling

This class covers basic skills needed to accomplish the standing back handspring series, round off back handspring series, and begins to cover back tuck techniques.


Prerequisites Master skills from Tumble I

This class covers basic skills needed to accomplish a back tuck, back handspring - back tuck, round-off back handspring - back tuck, round-off tuck, layout, variations of each skill, as well as the full twist.

Cheer I

Prerequisites None

This class is geared toward teaching the developing cheerleader proper jumping techniques and developing jumps such as t-jumps, tuck jumps, and toe touches. Basic cheers and motions including learning counts and working with music are taught. Tumbling skls included at this level are: forward roll, backward roll, cartwheel, round-off, handstand and back handspring drills.

Cheer II

Prerequisites Master skills from Cheer I

This class includes learning more advanced jumps such as toe touch, front hurdler, and the pike. Jump drills for enhancing and perfecting the jump will be incorporated. These drills include v-ups and hip-flexor strengthening drills. Level cheers and motions will be taught as well as tumbling skills such as handstand, back handspring drills, back handspring, and tuck drills. Incorporation of jumps and tumbling into cheer and dance will also be included.


Prerequisites None

Integrity Elite's stunt classes are designed to teach stunts focusing on proper form for safety.


Prerequisites None

Integrity Elite's dance classes are designed to teach dance as fitness for children. By teaching overall body awareness, coordination, technique, and musicality through a fun extracurricular activity. We encourage lifetime health and fitness for your child!

Hype Fitness

Prerequisites None

This class includes fitness, cardiovascular, and muscle strengthening exercises that are age appropriate; as well as, stretching and flexibility concentrations. The fitness class will provide a positive focus on the body's conditioning for the overall health of our IEA family. Come get Hype with our instructor, Emily Johnson!!

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